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Luxury Resort Wear
Rhodes was the wife of God Helios who was honoured for creativity and music. This is the reason why the Colossus of Rhodes was dedicated to him. The Sun is a life giving source and it symbolises a promise of a new day, full of worth-living moments.
The island of Rhodes was an important center for God Helios, one of the only places where he was worshiped as a major. The main depiction of him is on a chariot with four horses that drive him into the sea, spreading the golden light around the island every morning. Find youR inner light and shine bright with Helios resort wear.
The impact of God Helios, the majestic beauty and the warmth of the sun is what inspired the designer for this collection

Helios star dress volan 280Euro

20 Helios Collection, Helios Home

Solar ruffle volan skirt 220euro

20 Helios Collection, Helios Home

Seline shirt 150e

20 Helios Collection, Helios Home

Eos shirt & pants 275 euro

20 Helios Collection, Helios Home

Ariadni ruffle dress 280Euro

20 Helios Collection, Minoa Home

Helios embroidery shirt-dress 260Euro

20 Helios Collection, Embroidery Collection, Home
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