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Luxury Resort Wear
The designer challenged the idea of “Mythology” in luxury clothing and well-being, inspired by her Cretan origins. 
Minoan civilization, its artistic prints, paintings, and creations of this era have greatly inspired our collection.  
A small number of pieces have been designed in limited runs, to make you feel truly unique. All our clothes are entirely handmade with Gold and Silver threads, by our crew of artisans of the best tailoring.  
Evi Migiaki is not just a luxury resort fashion brand, it is an experience dedicated to women who love feeling on their clothes, enjoying life and travelling and not being afraid of setting ambitious goals. 
Our collections promote sustainability, reflecting a deep commitment to creating conscious fashion and preserving our planet’s resources. 
Shine bright every moment with Helios Resort Wear by Evi Migiaki. 
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