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About the designer Evi Migiaki
Evi Migiaki, the designer, she is a business woman for the last 20 years, and was elected as councilor in the Prefecture of Attica during the last elections in October 2023.
She is also an active member in the following Organizations
    • Hellenic Chamber of Commerce in Greece
    • International Chamber of Commerce in Greece & ICCWomen Hellas
    • Arab –Hellenic Chamber in Greece
    • Hellenic-Indian Chamber in Greece
    • Hellenic Initiative THI New York USA
    • Hellenic –American Chamber in Greece

Evi Migiaki is not just a luxury resort fashion brand, it is an experience dedicated to women who love feeling on their clothes, enjoying life and travelling and not being afraid of setting ambitious goals. 
Imagine living your myth every moment, to enjoy Helios during daylight and evenings in freedom, to walk near scenery that reflects amid history and symbolism.    

The designer challenged the idea of “Mythology” in luxury clothing and well-being, inspired by Ancient Greece and her origins of Crete. 

The charming integrated beauty of eternal youth, tradition, ancient culture, harmony, and style affect the design of the collections, with an exceptional touch of discrete luxury. A unique style, which is reflected in distinctive textures such as silk, cotton, viscose and other superior fibers, made in Greece.  

Evi Migiaki designs and creates a small number of pieces worldwide and in limited runs, to make you feel truly unique. All our clothes are entirely handmade with Gold and Silver threads, by our crew of artisans of the best tailoring.  
Our collections promote sustainability, reflecting a deep commitment to creating conscious fashion and preserving our planet’s resources.  

Based in Athens, Greece, our main showroom offers you the opportunity to shine bright every moment with Helios Resort Wear by Evi Migiaki. 
The designer Evi Miyaki also has participated in numerous events of cultural diplomacy as a speaker with fashion shows in Greece, among others
    • inZapeion Megaron, May 15th 2023, under the title
“The Future of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece, Concerns, Proposals, Perspectives”
    • On the occasion of the World Culture Day on May 21st2023,at the Municipality of Athens etc.
    • She participates also as an active member in the 2nd Forum of Hellenic Indian Chamber of commerce in Athens on 22nd November with a speech and with a fashion show with a capsule collection of Helios resort wear with a big success.

**Evi Migiaki – Where Luxury Meets Mythical Elegance**

 At the intersection of luxury and mythical allure lies Evi Migiaki, a distinguished resort fashion brand that transcends the conventional to offer an unparalleled experience. Dedicated to women who cherish the tactile essence of their attire, relish life's finest moments, and fearlessly pursue ambitious goals, Evi Migiaki is more than just a label—it's a journey into sophistication and self-expression.

**The Mythical Visionary:**

 Evi Migiaki, the brainchild behind the brand, challenges the conventional notion of "Mythology" in luxury clothing and well-being. Inspired by Ancient Greece and her Cretan heritage, she breathes life into designs that embody the captivating fusion of eternal youth, tradition, ancient culture, harmony, and style.

**Exceptional Craftsmanship: **

Each piece in the collections reflects a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Evi Migiaki's designs are meticulously brought to life with Gold and Silver threads, courtesy of a team of skilled artisans dedicated to the art of bespoke tailoring. Limited in production, each item ensures a truly unique and personalized experience.

**Sustainable Opulence: **

Evi Migiaki is not just about opulence; it's about conscious fashion. The brand's collections are a testament to sustainability, reflecting a deep commitment to preserving the planet's resources. From distinctive textures like silk, cotton, and viscose to other superior fibers, all materials are sourced and crafted with utmost care in Greece.
**Shine Bright with Helios Resort Wear: **

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Evi Migiaki's main showroom beckons you to immerse yourself in Helios Resort Wear—an embodiment of brilliance and individuality. Every moment becomes an opportunity to shine brightly, and with Evi Migiaki, it's a journey into a world where luxury meets mythical elegance.
**Cultural Initiatives at The Greek Festival: **

Evi Migiaki unveils an inspiring cultural initiative at The Greek Festival in Rhodes (5th to 8th March 2024). In collaboration with the Nestorides Museum of Contemporary Art, she presents a Capsule Collection inspired by the Dodecanese islands, setting the stage for a unique blend of fashion and cultural heritage. Additionally, as part of her commitment to conservation, Evi Migiaki will create special silk scarves with proceeds dedicated to the preservation of Butterfly Valley—a symbol of the region's rich biodiversity, and silk scarves with the deer of Rhodes island.
The Deer Dama-Dama of Rhodes Greece, Dodecanese: The deer Dama-Dama is a unique species that lives only in Rhodes Greece for many centuries. Many legends say that this deer was brought to Rhodes by the Crusaders in the Medieval times, but according to other sources, they lived there since the ancient times. In fact, Rhodes was called Elafioussa in the antiquity, which means with a lot of deer. The two deer statues that stand in Mandraki Harbor, Rhodes Town, shows that this deer has been the symbol of Rhodes for long.
These initiatives not only enrich the festival but also contribute to the ongoing legacy of the Dodecanese islands. Step into the profile of Evi Migiaki—an odyssey into timeless sophistication, bespoke craftsmanship, sustainable opulence, and a commitment to cultural heritage. It's not just fashion; it's an experience that celebrates the extraordinary in every woman.

100% made in Greece
100% made with love
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