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Luxury Resort Wear
Imagine living your myth every moment, to enjoy Helios during daylight and evenings in freedom. Imagine walking near a scenery that reflects amid history and symbolism.    
The designer challenged the idea of “Mythology” in luxury clothing and well-being and inspired by Ancient Greece. 
The charming integrated beauty of eternal youth, tradition, ancient culture, harmony, and style affect these collections, with an exceptional touch of discrete luxury
Helios handmade collection, as a promise of a new day and worth–living moments, offers you a unique style, which is reflected in distinctive textures such as silk, cotton, viscose, and other superior fibres, made in Greece.  
Our collections promote sustainability, reflecting a deep commitment to creating conscious fashion and preserving our planet’s resources.

Papillion fringiesdress

Butterflies Home, Golden Era

Papillons wrap dress

Butterflies Home, Golden Era

Minos Embroidery cotton Kaftan

Embroidery Collection, Golden Era

Minos Jeans Embroidery shirtdress

Embroidery Collection, Golden Era

Embroidery jeans kimono

Embroidery Collection, Golden Era

Minos Embroidery Jeans Kimono

Embroidery Collection, Golden Era

Puppa Kaftan

Butterflies Home, Golden Era

Seline shirt 150e

20 Helios Collection

Velvet blue logo print Kimonodress 365euro

20 Helios Collection, Helios Home

Petalouda shirt dress long 255 euro

Butterflies Home, Helios Home

Canea wrap dress 295Euro

Canea Home, Helios Home

Canea blue shirtdress 265Euro

Canea Home, Helios Home

Embroidery Bomber Jacket 350euro

Embroidery Collection, Helios Home

Canea Blue Wrap Dress 280Euro

Canea Home, Helios Home

Helios embroidery shirt-dress 400Euro

Embroidery Collection, Helios Home, Home

Helios Embroidery dress 445eur

20 Helios Collection, Embroidery Collection, Helios Home
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